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Hebrew Alphabets

By Solomon Aggrey

Hebrew alphabets commonly referred to as Alef-Bet, were the original alphabets/letters God crafted and used to
create the heavens and the earth. With these letters God spoke the creation into being and He still speaks to the
Jews and to mankind through them. God to communicate with mankind using two mediums; the medium of sound
and light. Sound relates to words formed by the Hebrew letters and light relates to pictures and images they bring.
The Hebrew language is unique because it is a pictorial language with a corresponding sound effect. Pictorial
languages can be understood by many cultures but the sound effects and the context are normally hidden. Because
the letters of the Hebrew language are pictorial, they combine and interweave with each other to create new and
unique story lines. Some of the pictorial images and their stories can be found in the Hebrew Bible and other
connected languages.

Any major historic or pattern of the events of the Jewish people can be found embedded in the letters, words and
sentences of the Hebrew Bible. These patterns, which show God’s will, character, holiness and judgments are the
same universal patterns that affects the whole world. They can be deciphered by careful study of the alphabets, the
words and the sentences of the written word of YHVH. So, the Hebrew language and the word of Yahweh are

The pictorial images and sounds of the Hebrew letters and language have changed over the years. However, the
original Hebrew letters and language God used to create the heavens and the earth are still powerful and effective.
Apostle Paul says, ‘By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which
are seen were not made of things which were visible’ (Heb 11.3). David declares, ‘Forever, Lord Your word is settled
in heaven.’ (Psa 119.89). These verses indicate that the words of God spoken in the beginning were life and are still
alive, active and sustain the heavens and the earth. God first created the letters and permutated the individual
letters to demonstrate who He is and to define His will and purpose. Each individual letter is therefore linked to
YHVH and has some measure of YHVH’s nature and characteristic. It is believed that the 22 Hebrew letters of the
Hebrew alphabets are sentient beings which can affect our 22 chromosomes. Apostle Paul says in Heb 4.12, ‘For the
word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and
spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.’ Every word of the
Hebrew language can be traced to a verbal root. They become the building blocks or the DNA of creation and
mankind. The Hebrew letters and the words God spoke are likened to chemical elements and compounds formed by
various combinations to produce new and specific ones.

In almost every language on the earth, the letters that make up the words and the sentences, giving people common
languages, are abstract, arbitrary and meaningless. The letters have no bearing on the objects they describe eg. The
letters S H I P individually have nothing to do with a ship. On the contrary, each Hebrew letter contributes to the
meaning and the definition of the word it is part of. Each letter or word casts ripples which contribute to the final
definition. Different ripples affect each other in frequency or amplitude to create the final outcome. So there is
always a mystery and a deeper meaning of the Holy Bible which are normally hidden from a simple or a casual
reader. The depth of meaning and understanding is not always the same. This is one of the uniqueness of the
Hebrew language unlike any other language.

There are twenty-two (22) regular Hebrew letters (Alef-Bet) in all without vowels, from Alef to Tav. Five (5) of them
have additional final (sofit) forms making the overall total of 27. We shall concentrate on the 22 regular letters.
Vowels which help the pronunciation of the consonants are added with the help of dots, called dagesh and other
marks like, cholam. Each letter has an ordinal value, where it appears in the alphabetical order and each ordinal
value has a meaning. Every Hebrew letter also has an assigned number; a gematria value and each gematria value
has a meaning. When the Hebrew letters come together to form words, they produce different numbers which have
different meanings, therefore revealing differing pictures and new mysteries. Therefore, the study of Biblical Hebrew
brings a wealth of understanding, meaning, mysteries and prophetic insight.

Scriptures say that the word of God is light (Psa 119.105, Pro 6.22). So the 22 Hebrew alphabets reveal light of YHVH,
bring revelation and understand. There are 22 generations from Adam to Jacob. There are 22 books in the book of
Revelation. Light appears 22 times in the gospel of John. Jesus Christ said, ‘I have come as the light into the world …
(Joh 12.46). Light reveals the truth and the hidden things of YHVH. And Christians are encouraged to walk in the light
of Christ (Joh 3.21) and be the light of the world. (Mat 5.14-15). Jesus Christ is the Alef- Tav, the Hebrew equivalent
of the Greek, the Alpha and the Omega.

These 22 Hebrew letters were used by Moses to write the first five books of the Bible, the Torah. While the whole
Bible is inspired by God, through visions, dreams, and angels, in the Torah God spoke directly to Moses. So, there
was the least mixture of human thought, ideology or culture. Therefore, every letter in the Torah is carefully and
perfectly chosen, in its perfect location and having the correct meaning untainted by human errors. The Torah is
therefore of special significance.

We shall continue this introduction in the next blog.

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